• When I'm close to home, in waters which i know well, I do not need to use any kind of help guide to catch every one of the fish I possibly could ever eat. I understand how to catch all of the fish around me, and that i may even catch whatever kind I enjoy eat most by adjusting my choice of lures and baits. The correct answer is fun, and that i often impress friends and neighbors by declaring which kind of fish I'll catch next, and then pulling it out of the water in under Ten minutes most of the time. - fishing guides South Padre Island

        But when I'm visiting another person and fishing inside their territory, or when I'm over a fishing vacation, where I don't know much in regards to the fish that are in the local waters, I have to use a fishing guide. I usually buy several fishing guides from all the key brands that publish them, however, if there exists a local one published by a specialist local fisherman, I will place the most faith for the reason that one. Furthermore, i prefer to talk to the regulars on the local bait and tackle shop to find out if they've got any hidden tips or tricks. - fishing guides South Padre Island 

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